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Feather River Charter School
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Dear Homeschool Family,

Welcome! It is our hope that you and your family will find support and encouragement, a variety of homeschool information and resources, and important school contact information on this site.

At Feather River, we are all members of one homeschool family and we love to share the homeschool heart with those we interact with. We understand that learning is a never ending adventure and can take place in many different settings and at any time of the day. We believe deeply in the idea of supporting each child's learning style and each parent’s teaching style. We value each and every one of our homeschool families and we are here to serve, support, encourage, and inspire community within our school. We are both student and parent driven and our hope and heart intention is to listen, research, and create a collaborative learning environment that helps ensure the best personalized learning experience for every student and family.

Additionally, we understand that without our homeschool families, we wouldn’t have a charter school. We will always value and listen to our families suggestions and opinions and would love to hear from you to ensure that we are achieving our goal of fully supporting our homeschool families. Please click here to share your thoughts, ideas, suggestions, and questions with us!

Partnering with you,

Sign of Jenell Sherman
Jenell Sherman
Executive Director, Feather River Charter School

photo of Jenell Sherman