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Feather River Charter School

Tech Center

The Tech Department provides enrolled students with a selection of pre-approved devices to help customize learning.

Feather River Charter School is committed to providing a positive, challenging, and academic learning environment, with our amazing technological choices, for all students. Our goal is to provide the tools necessary to achieve high levels of critical thinking and reasoning, and support the application of learning to real-world applications.

Tech Support FAQ

What do I need to turn in to start my Technology request?

First you need to sign and turn in a Master Agreement and a Technology Acceptable Use Acknowledgement (TAUA) form. Once you turned these forms you will be given a link with a confirmation code to start your Technology request.

When will my Technology request be processed?

Once your Technology request has been submitted, you should receive a confirmation email. During high volume request seasons, orders may take up to 3-6 weeks to arrive.

You will receive an update email when your order is ready to be shipped out.

My child can’t log in to their school-issued computer.

Make sure they are using Student account and not Admin account. The password for student account is either “Student” or “student”.

My printer does not print.

If you have ordered a laptop/printer bundle, we have preconfigured the printer for USB printing. Simply connect the computer with the printer via USB cable, and select the printer (HP Deskjet) when printing. For convenience, consider setting the printer as the default printer. Click here for further instructions.

I received part of my Technology order. Where are the other item(s)?

All technology is shipped individually and should arrive within the same week.

I received my tech and it was broken. What should I do?

If the Tech is delivered physically damage or will not properly turn on, please call School Technical Support at (916) 241-8653, Press 3.

Can I install my apps?

School computers are to be used as tools for accessing curriculums and facilitating student learning. Any unrelated applications, such as games, are NOT to be installed on school computers, per the TAUA agreement. Failure to comply may affect the performance and expose student computers to security breaches (malware, viruses, spyware).

Can I get the Admin password?

No. The Admin password is solely used by the Tech Department to maintain a safe computing environment for all of our students.

Can I add my own password?

Please do not change the default password of your student account.

Does the computer come with Microsoft Office?

Yes. All school computers ship with Microsoft Office preinstalled.

Where can I order ink?

Ink orders are placed on the Enrichment Ordering System as a product.

I’m withdrawing. What should I do the with Technology I received?

If you are withdrawing, please return the items to your teacher, local school office or request a shipping label from the Tech Department by calling (916) 241-8653, Press 3.

If my computer breaks, can I get a new one?

Yes, all technology devices purchased with the use of Instruction Funds can be returned. Students requesting to return product due to damages must ship the damaged item to the Tech Department before a replacement can be provided. A return shipping label will be provided to you at no additional cost. The Tech Department will evaluate the severity of the damages and determine the best course of action thereafter. If damages are beyond normal wear and tear, applicable charges may be applied.

To return an item for any reason, please:

  1. Contact our helpdesk:
  2. Please include and/or have ready:
    • Your reason for the return
    • Your student’s name
    • School Asset Tag number or Tech Center order number
    • Your mailing address
    • Current phone number

The computer is asking for a Microsoft account, do I need one?

No you don’t need a Microsoft account, a local account has been made for you. All you need to do is decline the offer.

Can I request more than one computer for my child?

No. Each student is allowed to have one school computer.